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Brisbane Electrical Contractors

Powersure Electrical offers a full range of electrical services and aircon installation services by qualified Brisbane electrical contractors, with no job being too big or small. When you need commercial or domestic electrician jobs done properly, this is the place to come. Powersure Electrical has the experience and resources to make any electrical project a reality, with a reputation built on quality and honesty.

Some of the electrical services our Brisbane commercial and domestic electricians cover, but not limited to are:

  • General light and power
  • Solar Power
  • Air Conditioning/Aircon Installation
  • Pool tariff changes
  • Appliance tariff changes
  • Hot water repairs
  • Fans
  • Shed Power
  • Test and Tag

You do not need to have an electrical problem to call a commercial or domestic electrician, or Brisbane electrical contractors. We can save you hundreds of dollars by doing simple things to make your home or business more efficient. If you would like to know more, call Powersure Electrical Brisbane on (07) 3149 3110.  You can also CLICK HERE to send us a message.


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