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Why electrical safety switches should be tested regularly

Safety switchAn electrical safety switch or RCD (residual current device) is an amazing piece of electrical equipment. They are designed to disconnect the power when it sensors a current difference (usually 30milli amps) between the active and neutral conductors and within a safe time frame, usually within 30ms.

RCD’s can be tested easily by pushing the test button on the RCD itself, and what this does is creates a fault to check the tripping mechanism.  This test is recommended to be done every 6 month but when there is prolonged periods between tests, RCD’s are know to fail leaving you with no fault protection.  Unfortunately it might be too late to find out that your safety switch doesn’t work when it doesn’t trip in real fault conditions.  Being a sensitive device, RCD’s need to be tested to keep the mechanism free from seizing up and not working.  If you do find that your RCD doesn’t trip when tested, it might be time to call an electrician to replace it.  RCD’s are an affordable piece of safety gear that you can’t afford not to have  If you would like to know more about testing RCD’s or if you think you might have a suspect one, call Powersure Electrical on 07 3149 3110.

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