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Cewe Pty Ltd_Final _21092010Solar energy is the most abundant form of energy on earth, so much so that enough sunlight falls on the earth’s surface every hour to meet the world’s energy demands for an entire year. Solar power is a growing trend among Australian home owners and is an ideal power installation choice for city or urban areas like Brisbane as they do not make noise, have moving parts and are usually installed out of the way on top of a roof.

Solar power installation requires an initial upfront cost but once installed requires little maintenance, can be expected to last more than 25 years and the electricity generated is free and clean. We have been installing solar power systems across Brisbane for many years and we can design and install custom solar power systems to lower your power bill and meet your budget. You may even get a refund!

Call Powersure Electrical on (07) 3149 3110 or submit an online enquiry to discuss how we can install a solar power system in Brisbane that’s right for you.


Cewe Pty Ltd_Final _21092010Installers

Our solar panel installers in Brisbane bring you some interesting know-how about solar panels:

Solar energy facts

  • A solar system will save you money from the moment it’s installed
  • Solar equipment quality varies greatly which impacts the price
  • Good solar panels will last in excess of 25 years
  • Solar power is generated daily regardless of whether it’s sunny, cloudy or overcast
  • Solar generates ongoing savings
  • Electricity prices will continue to rise every year


Cewe Pty Ltd_Final _21092010How solar power works

A solar power system is designed to generate electricity from the sun using what is known as the photovoltaic effect. The solar panels are connected in series to create the desired voltages of up to 600v DC depending on the inverter and sunlight intensity, which is converted to 240V AC by your inverter. This electricity is then fed into your household electricity meter by solar panel installers which allows your electricity retailer to measure the energy produced.

In most of the cases, as seen by our solar panel installers in Brisbane, your electricity supplier will record the amount of electricity that you export to the electricity grid and give you a credit on your account for the amount of your production. From most retailers in QLD you will be paid more per kWh for the green energy that you produce than what you will pay for the electricity you use. In some cases, depending on the size of your system and usage, it is possible to generate more electricity or be credited for a larger amount.


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