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keep-calm-and-call-an-electrician-2-300x300We provide reliable and affordable solutions for all of our customers. Our team of fully qualified domestic electricians have what it takes to tackle any job you might want to undertake and with many years of experience taking care of a wide variety of different electrical jobs, from emergency electrical work through to wiring a new home, our domestic electricians can do it all!

We pride ourselves on our friendly, professional and prompt service, so please give us a call or contact us to discuss your next electrical job.







domesticSome of the domestic electrician services we offer are:

  •  Power Points
  •  Lighting
  •  Security Lighting
  •  Fans
  •  Air Conditioning
  •  Solar Power
  •  Safety Switch installation and testing
  •  New Houses
  •  Switch Board upgrades
  •  Tariff Changes
  •  Pool Pump Install
  •  Exhaust Fans and Lights
  •  Garden Lighting
  •  House Wiring Checks
  • Renovations
  • Connecting a new Oven
  • Shed Wiring
  • Outdoor Power Points



In a power conscious society, the days are out numbered for the good old halogen down light.  They output a nice amount of warm light, look great and cheap to install but they have a darker side.  The average50W halogen downlight running four hour a day will cost about $20 a year to run, and then multiply that by the amount in your house and it soon adds up.  But there are other cost effective measures you can do to reduce these inefficiencies. CFL’s or compact fluorescent lamps and LED technology has come a long way and now both have the reliability, brightness and the warm colour of the halogen lamp without the running cost associated.  They also fit in the existing fittings.  This is just one of many energy efficient lighting options available.  If you would like to find out more information about LED, CFL, Halogen lamps or how you can cut you power bills by using energy efficient productcall Powersure Electrical on 07 3149 3110.


pool-43-110807-300x225Tariff Changes

Did you know that the average pool pump cost $640 in electricity to run annually?  This can be dropped on average $200 a year by switching your pool pump from tariff 11 to tariff 33, and by doing this energex will reward you with a $250 reward.  By doing this you not only save $200 a year but if you have solar power, this will increase your feed in tariff by reducing your tariff 11 consumption.  Not only can you change your pool pump to a lower tariff, but other house hold appliances such as dishwasher, air conditioner, deep freeze, clothes dryer and washing machine to name a few.  If you can think of any other, we can put it on.  If you would like more information or to book in a tariff change call Powersure Electrical on 07 3149 3110.



rcdTripPositionBig-300x232Safety Switches

Safety switches are an insurance against electric shock.  They are designed to prevent injury or death.  They work by monitoring the flow of electricity through a circuit and automatically shutting off the electricity when it detects a leakage of current from a faulty switch, wire or appliance.  This stops the chances of current flowing to earth through a person electrocuting them.

In many instances, a safety switch or otherwise know as a RCD is a legal requirement.  Any house built since 1992 must have a RCD installed on the power circuit and if you are buying a a property, you must have one installed within 3 month of the property transfer.  If you are selling a property without a RCD, you must declare it on the sales contract.

RCD’s require testing every 6 months and pressing the test button on the RCD itself easily does this. It is important to do this as they can deteriorate over time when they are not being tripped and could fail when it is needed the most.  This push button test should trip the power meaning it works, but if it doesn’t trip, this is when you need to contact an electrician before its too late.

If you have any question regarding your RCD or you need a RCD installed, tested or replaced, then contact Powersure Electrical on 07 3149 3110.

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