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Solar Products

S-Energy celebrates 2012 as it enters it’s 20th year of manufacturing solar panels.  Experience the time honoured quality of S-Energy panels for yourself, boasting industry leadinug standard like 10 year defect warranty, 30 year performacnce output warranty and static load rating of 5400Pa.

K-Solar panels are a high quality panel made in Korea. They come with a 5 yr manufactures and 25-year performance warranty and have +/- 3% power tolerance which is good by any standard.  The company has more than 10 years of R&D experience with over 40% of the workforce employed for R&D.

For many years Power-One has developed high performing products for the solar and wind industry. Power-One and its Aurora brand of power inverters, ranging from 2 kW to 2.5 MW, offer best-in class product performance and reliability. They come with a 5 yr parts and labour warranty.

Delta Energy Systems
Delta, with over 70 years of power electronics experience, presents high efficiency solar inverters designed in Germany. SOLIVIA stands for “SOLar Inverters for Versatile and Intelligent Applications”. The 3rd generation of our solar inverters offers cutting-edge and outstanding SOLIVIA features with output power from 2.5 kW to 5.0 kW.

Hopergy Photovoltaic Technology
Hopergy Photovoltaic Technology Co.,LTD specializes in the research & developing, production, sales, engineering of PV mountings, solar systems. They provide mounting solutions for all PV solar application including commercial, industrial, government, utility and residential applications. Their mounting system is designed to suit a wide range of PV solar panels and offers quality and strength.  This mounting system conforms to Australian standard 1170.2.

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