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In a power conscious society, the days are out numbered for the good old halogen down light.  They output a nice amount of warm light, look great and cheap to install but they have a darker side.  The average 50W halogen downlight running four hour a day will cost about $20 a year to run, and then multiply that by the amount in your house and it soon adds up.  But there are other cost effective measures you can do to reduce these inefficiencies. CFL’s or compact fluorescent lamps and LED technology has come a long way and now both have the reliability, brightness and the warm colour of the halogen lamp without the running cost associated.  They also fit in the existing fittings.  This is just one of many energy efficient lighting options available.  If you would like to find out more information about LED, CFL, Halogen lamps or how you can cut you power bills by using energy efficient product, call Powersure Electrical on 07 3149 3110.

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